Administrative (ADM)


 ADM 1.01Establishing and Maintaining College Policies
 ADM 1.02Children and Pets in the Academic Setting
 ADM 1.03Shared Governance 
 ADM 1.04Records Management
 ADM 1.05Student Grievance Process
 ADM 1.06Recruitment
 ADM 1.07Academic Freedom
 ADM 1.10Posting Notices
 ADM 1.11Student Declaration of Current Address and/or Relocation
 ADM 1.12Student Communication
 ADM 2.04Changes of Curricula, Courses, Catalog and/or Schedule
 ADM 2.05Academic Advisement and Support Services
 ADM 2.06Satisfactory Academic Progress
 ADM 2.08College Attendance
Student Affairs  
 ADM 3.02Employment Verification 
 ADM 3.03Student Access and Accommodation Services
 ADM 3.04Media Policy: News Outlets and Social Media Platforms
 ADM 3.05Student Conduct - Rights and Responsibilities 
 ADM 3.06Student Organizations 
 ADM 3.07Leave of Absence or Permanent Resignation from the College
 ADM 3.08Add/Drop/Withdrawal from a Course
 ADM 3.09Transcripts 
 ADM 3.10Transfer Credit
 ADM 3.11College Admissions/Readmission 
 ADM 3.12Graduation Requirements 
 ADM 3.14Academic Classification 
 ADM 3.15Student Travel
Financial Aid  
 ADM 4.01Federal Financial Aid Administration
 ADM 4.02Federal Financial Aid Programs
 ADM 4.03Federal Financial Aid Verification 
 ADM 4.04Student Accounts
 ADM 4.06Book Advance
 ADM 4.07Establishing Principles of Excellence 
 ADM 5.01Financial Refund
Personnel/Human Resources  
 ADM 6.01Associate Educational Leave
 ADM 6.02Promotion and Sustaining Rank
 ADM 7.01Copyright Compliance & Fair Use Guidelines 
 ADM 7.02Library Use
Clinical Simulation Center  
 ADM 8.01 Clinical Simulation Center & Learning Center Use and Guidelines
 ADM 8.02 Clinical Simulation and Learning Center Equipment Use and Storage 
 ADM 8.03 Confidentiality in Clinical Simulation & Learning Center
 ADM 8.04 Safety in Clinical Simulation & Learning Center
 ADM 8.05 Clinical Simulation and Learning Center Equipment Maintenance 
 ADM 9.01Emergency Notifications, Timely Warning and Crime Reporting
 ADM 9.02Voluntary Reporting of a Crime
 ADM 9.03Annual Security Report
 ADM 9.04Regulations on Weapons
 ADM 9.05Bias and Hate Crimes
 ADM 9.06Title IX Sexual Harassment 
 ADM 9.08Building Access
 ADM 9.09Student Drug and Substance Abuse
 ADM 9.10Campus Safety and Security
 ADM 9.11Infection Control
 ADM 9.12Nondiscrimination
 ADM 9.13Catastrophic Events and Continuity of Operations
 ADM 9.14Suspected Child Abuse or Neglect
 ADM 9.15Anti-Hazing
Information Systems  
 ADM 10.02Peer-to-Peer File Sharing
 ADM 10.03Student Verification in Distance Learning
 ADM 10.04Student Technology Requirements
 ADM 10.05Electronic Signature

Academic (ACA)

 ACA 1.01Faculty Workload 
 ACA 1.02Essential Technical Standards
 ACA 1.03Clinical Compliance Requirements
 ACA 1.04Student Dress Code
 ACA 1.05Support for Faculty Role Development
 ACA 1.06Grade Appeal Process
Admissions, Progression  
 ACA 2.01Program Admission
 ACA 2.02Academic Progression
 ACA 3.01Prerequisites and Corequisites
 ACA 3.02Curriculum Planning 
 ACA 3.04Preparation of Course Syllabi
 ACA 3.05Nursing Program Attendance
 ACA 3.06College Grading System

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