The mission of Southside College of Health Sciences is to provide quality health education programs to individuals in communities we serve. The College offers individuals the opportunity to acquire knowledge, skills, and competencies necessary for practice in their chosen health discipline. The College promotes an environment that fosters individual learning and excellence in practice.


Healthcare education today involves much more than the transfer of information and technical skills to the student. The faculty and staff of Southside College of Health Sciences are committed to providing a high quality environment which fosters student success through institutional integrity, ethical practices and a commitment to continuous improvement in the quality of teaching and learning. As an institution whose primary purpose is the education and development of individuals seeking to enter the healthcare field, the faculty and staff are also charged with and committed to protecting the health and wellbeing of the public by ensuring that their graduates are prepared to provide safe and effective care. The faculty also believes that education is a life-long, continuous process; one in which all must join together to improve the environment in which they live, work and learn.

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