To participate in Commencement, students must be enrolled in:

  1. One of the last two semesters of the Nursing Program; or
  2. The last semester of the Medical Imaging programs (Radiation Sciences or Diagnostic Medical Sonography.)

Student dress at the ceremony must be business attire under the cap and gown.

To graduate and receive a degree, students must meet the following criteria:

  1. Candidates must complete and submit the Intent to Graduate form to the Director of Student Services by the specified date.
  2. Successfully complete all requirements of the Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Nursing or Radiation Sciences program.
  3. All requirements for the degree must be satisfactorily completed with a program grade point average of at least 2.0 in Nursing, Radiation Sciences or Diagnostic Medical Sonography.
  4. Complete all financial obligations to Southside College of Health Sciences.
Congratulations Nursing Summer Class of 2021!
Spring 2021 Imaging Commencement Ceremony
Spring 2021 Nursing Commencement Ceremony
Congratulations Radiation Sciences Class of 2021!
Congratulations Diagnostic Medical Sonography Class of 2021!
Congratulations Nursing Spring Class of 2021!

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