The administration, faculty and staff at Southside College of Health Sciences view advisement of students as a very important and ongoing activity. Faculty members function as advisors throughout a student’s program tenure, course assignments, and/or various clubs. Students are strongly encouraged to communicate with their course faculty members and/or advisors.

The Office of Student Success offers the following:

  • One-on-One Appointments
  • Student Engagement
  • Curriculum Guidance
  • Remediation Services

Remediation services are open to all students enrolled at Southside College of Health Sciences. A student may be referred for remediation services when he or she is deemed to be in jeopardy of failure by a faculty member, advisor, or the student may elect to make an appointment with the designated faculty member for remediation on his or her own. An individualized assistance plan will be created which may include, but not be limited to satisfactory academic progress (SAP), time management, stress reduction, effective test taking strategies, note taking, and study tips. The designated school official for student remediation can be reached at 804.765.5800.

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