Admission Process

  1. Completed application.
  2. A non-refundable $70 application fee.
  3. Official transcripts from high school or GED documentation.
  4. Official transcripts from all post-secondary education (colleges, universities); if applicable.
  5. Successful completion of or registration in prerequisite high school and college courses.

*Please note, if sending your transcripts electronically, please have them sent to



Application Review

Applicants not accepted for their semester of choice must submit the Request for Application Review Form and submit it back to the Office of Student Services by the next immediate program application deadline. All applicants are responsible for ensuring the Admissions Office has the most current applicant information, transcripts, etc. All applications resulting in non-admission are purged from College files one year from date of receipt. A new application and fee must be submitted.

Student Immunization and Health History

All students are required to register with the college compliance system.  Required health documents must be completed and/or uploaded into the college compliance system. Students who fail to provide this information will lose their admission or continued enrollment. Access to student health records is limited to the Program Director or designee. Records are maintained in the college compliance system and students have indefinite access to their medical records. Acceptable immunization and health history records may be obtained from the following: 

  • Health Care Provider
  • High School Records
  • Personal Immunization Records
  • Local Health Department
  • Military Records
  • Employee Health
  • Previous College or University

Student Requirements

RequirementAcceptable Proof Requirement Met
CPR CourseCopy of CPR course completion card, front and back, showing expiration date. Card must be signed and valid for at least 6 months after the date of submission.  Course must be American Heart Association (BLS-Provider Course). Renewed every 2 years
MMR  (Measles, Mumps, Rubella)Documentation of 2 MMR’s (if born before 1957, only one MMR is required) OR IGG titer indicating immunity. If titer does not indicate immunity, student must receive vaccination or sign declination with documentation of medical contraindication from healthcare provider.
Hepatitis BDocumentation of 3 Hepatitis B vaccinations OR IGG titer indicating immunity OR formal declination and signed statement.
Varicella (Chicken pox)Documentation of 2 Varicella vaccinations OR IGG titer indicating immunity OR history of disease with appropriate documentation. If titer does not indicate immunity, student must receive vaccination or sign declination with documentation of medical contraindication from healthcare provider.
TDaP (Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis)Documentation of TDaP within the past 10 years. If no immunization within the past 10 years, student must receive vaccination or sign declination with documentation of medical contraindication from healthcare provider. A Td is the required booster if needed during the student’s tenure at SCHS.
InfluenzaDocumentation of Influenza vaccination annually during the current flu season OR signed declination. Note: If the student declines the flu vaccination, the student must wear a surgical mask and/or follow the policy of the clinical site/facility when caring for patients during flu season.
TB Skin Test (TST)One of the following is initially required: 2 step TST (1 administered and results, then a 2nd test administered 1 to 4 weeks after the 1st administration with results) ORTST within the past 12 months (will count as first step), additional TST is required for 2nd step ORDocumented proof of negative BAMT (blood assay/IGRA for M. Tuberculosis Ex: T-Spot/TB QuantiFERON Gold) within one year, if positive must have chest x-ray and Tuberculosis Screening Questionnaire. IF past positive TST, negative chest x-ray (within the past 6 months) and completed Tuberculosis Screening Questionnaire.Students will be required to receive an annual tuberculin skin test and complete the Tuberculosis Screening Questionnaire.  If past TST was positive, the student is required to complete a Tuberculosis Screening Questionnaire. A chest x-ray or negative BAMT is needed only if required by the clinical site/facility.
Student Health AssessmentComplete the Student Health Assessment.
Urine Drug ScreenFollow directions provided for obtaining urine drug screen through the compliance system.
Criminal Background CheckFollow directions provided for obtaining criminal background check through the compliance system.
Statement Assigning Financial Responsibility for Medical CareDownload, print, and complete the Statement Assigning Financial Responsibility for Medical Care form and upload to the compliance system. This waiver indicates that students acknowledge responsibility for treatment costs arising from any clinical practice-related health issue.
Substance Test Release & Disclosure FormDownload, print, sign the Substance Test Release & Disclosure Form and upload to the compliance system. The form acknowledges that as an enrolled student of SCHS, the student may be randomly tested for substances.
HIPAAComplete HIPAA form in the compliance system.
Valid Driver’s LicenseSubmit valid Driver’s License, front and back, and upload to the compliance system.
Ishihara’s Test for Color DeficiencyTest will be performed by the College designated official after acceptance into the program.
Fit TestTest will be performed by College designated official after acceptance into the program and annually.
MRI ScreeningStudents will complete the MRI Screening form in the compliance system.
Latex ScreeningStudents admitted will complete the form in the compliance system.
Back Safety QuizStudents admitted on or after fall 2019- quiz completed in the compliance system.

NOTE: There may be additional health requirements/immunizations mandated by clinical agencies. There may be additional pre-entrance health requirements mandated by individual programs see individual program handbook.