Below are some tips for communicating in a professional manner via email and the internet.

  • Treat others how you would like to be treated.  Remember the human element and don't say anything in email that you wouldn't say in person.
  • Avoid Emojis/Emoticons.  For professional communications a smiley face or other emoticons is not appropriate.
  • Avoid Slang or Text Talk.  For professional communications words need to be spelled out in their entirety.  For example use your instead of ur.  
  • Avoid All Caps.  All capital letters in email seems like you are SCREAMING.  If you would like to draw attention to a word, you can use bold or italic font, you can change the font color or you can put * next to it.  
  • Proofread and Spell Check before sending.  Read your email before sending.  Make sure all words are spelled correctly, there is no content missing and that the correct recipients are on the email.
  • Use good judgement.  School email should not be used for personal communication.  Do not share sensitive information online.  Do not share your user name or password.
  • Respect others and their point of view.  Others may have different opinions, values or beliefs.   Be courteous when communicating criticism or a varying opinion.