The RN-BSN degree completion program provides a flexible, affordable, and practical learner-centered pathway for registered nurses to acquire the academic knowledge and skills necessary to advance in their profession and practice to the fullest extent of their education and training. Attainment of program and course outcomes leads to an enhanced ability to provide care to diverse population with healthcare needs. The RN to BSN Program at Southside College of Health Sciences will educate nurses to embrace the role of the professional nurse as progressive and innovative leaders in an increasingly complex and technological society.

Classes are admitted three times per year in August (Fall Semester), January (Spring Semester), and May (Summer Semester). 

An RN-BSN degree is a completion program and will be awarded to students who successfully complete 120 credit hours of coursework.  This includes 46 general education credits, 38 nursing credits, and 36 life work credits. The degree program is designed to be completed in three semesters. RN-BSN students are awarded 36 life/work experience credits with 12 credits awarded following completion of RNURS 325 (Advanced Assessment and Health Promotion), RNURS 420 (Community Health Nursing & Case Management) and RNURS 430 (Professional Nursing Synthesis).   

Curriculum Plan for RN to BSN

Course NumberCourse NameCredit HoursTheory HoursSkills Lab HoursClinical HoursSimulation Hours
Semester I
RNURS 300Transition to Professional Nursing345000
RNURS 310Information Management in Nursing345000
RNURS 315Critical Injury – Research in Nursing345000
RNURS 325Advanced Assessment and Health Promotion460000
Semester II
RNURS 400Resource Acquisition and Management345000
RNURS 410Gerontological Nursing345000
RNURS 415Interprofessional Teamwork and Communication345000
RNURS 420Community Health Nursing & Case Management5600450
Semester III
RNURS 425Leadership in Nursing Practice575000
RNURS 430Professional Nursing Synthesis63001800