The College makes every effort to ensure that opportunities for higher education are available to all who desire them. As such, every effort is made to keep expenses at a minimum and to offer a comprehensive financial aid program for all students enrolled in the College.

  • Tuition and fees must be paid by the deadline or enrollment will be subject to cancellation
  • Tuition and fees which are not paid on time will be assessed a late fee
  • Tuition and fees are subject to change each academic year
  • There may be additional fees associated with each program.
  • The Financial Aid Department determines state residency based on information shared after acceptance into a program.

Tuition payment in full is due by the due date listed on the student’s invoice each semester. Students will not be admitted to class if full payment is not received. Students should be prepared to finance their own personal needs.

Other Fees & Charges

Students are required to purchase the necessary textbooks and supplies prescribed in the curriculum program they are entering. Students may purchase books and supplies from the College’s virtual bookstore (MBS Direct), or they may elect to order from another vendor. The student is responsible for purchasing the correct edition of any required textbooks as outlined in the course syllabi.

Uniforms, patches, health fees, licensing or certification examination fees are the responsibility of the student

All checks and money orders must be payable to “Southside College of Health Sciences”. No student will be allowed to graduate, receive transcripts, register for a new semester, or considered for re-admission if there is an unpaid balance on his or her account.

Failure to meet financial obligations to Southside College of Health Sciences (SCHS) may cause the College to take action, including but not limited to:

  • Late fees
  • Deny registration to subsequent courses of attendance
  • Deny re-admission to the College
  • Deny admission to class or clinical
  • Withhold grade reports, transcripts
  • Deny participation in graduation activities and withhold degree
  • Withhold verification of the applicants credential’s for licensure or certification

Refund Policy

Students who withdraw from Southside College of Health Sciences may be refunded tuition upon the following schedule:                           

Fall and Spring Semester Calculations

Date of Official WithdrawalPercent of Tuition Refunded*
During the first week of the semester        100%
During the 2nd – 4th week of the semester     50%
During the 5th – 8th week of semester        25%
After 8th week of semester         0%

  Summer Semester Calculations

Date of Official Withdrawal  Percent of Tuition Refunded*
During the first week of the semester   100%
During the 2nd – 3rd week of the semester    50%
During the 4th – 6th week of semester        25%
After 6th week of semester       0%

*All refunds will be issued to students within 45 days.

Cancellation Clause:

A student may cancel their decision to attend a program within three (3) business days of signing an enrollment agreement with the College and receive 100% of all monies paid minus service fees.  Cancellation must be provided in writing to the Director of Student Services.

Refund of Title IV Financial Aid will be calculated after the Institutional Refund is applied and if the student officially withdraws before the 60% enrollment period. The College returns any unearned portion of the financial aid in accordance with federal guidelines.  Title IV funds are awarded to students with the understanding that the student will attend classes for the entire period of time specified when the assistance is awarded. When a student withdraws, he or she may no longer be eligible for the entire amount of Title IV funds he or she was originally scheduled to receive. If the recipient withdraws from College during the semester, then the amount of the grant or loan must be recalculated. Students should be aware that the requirements to return Federal Title IV funds may result in a balance due to SCHS. If the amount that was dispersed to the student is greater than the amount earned, then the remainder must be returned. The calculation of and return of the Title IV funds is determined by the date of withdrawal.